Skyler Bready

Skyler Bready is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter available for guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, music theory and songwriting lessons at Maxwell's House of Music. His approach emphasizes teaching technique and theory alongside songs that students already know and love. His songwriting lessons focus on demystifying the creation process and encouraging students to build their own personal songbook. Skyler works with beginner to advanced students. When Skyler isn't teaching at Maxwell's, you can likely find him riding his bike, singing lead vocals and playing guitar in his band "Darlington Pairs," or working in his home recording studio.


Dan Cartledge

Dan's lifelong obsession has been music.  He first sang publicly at the age of 4 and has not stopped since.  He began piano at 14 and guitar at 16.  Dan continued his studies in music into college, graduating from Liberty University with a degree in Choral Music in 2011.  Even though his main instrument was voice, he also trained in theory, composition, piano and music history.  While at university, Dan began a band called The Empty Room in 2009 which is still active today, with three albums under their belt.  Dan loves to teach because he believes music is one of the things in life that keeps us alive.  He is currently active in the Louisville music scene, participating in several bands and playing many different venues.  While music occupies most of the space in his brain, Dan also enjoys spending time with his beloved wife and 10 year old son. 


Andy Jennings

Andy has been playing guitar since March of 2000 when he was 13 years old. Andy has enjoyed learning many different genres of guitar, including classical,rock, blues, and his most favorite-percussive finger style. Over the course of his 21 years as a musician, Andy has had the privilege of teaching guitar for over 15 years and has taught students from many walks of life, from ages 6-88. Andy has worked with students who have had a wide range of abilities and challenges, and he views these challenges as opportunities to connect with students in the areas they are interested in and use those interests to relate to music and playing the guitar. He loves to see students enjoy what they are learning and enjoy the challenge of learning to play the guitar.