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This solo acoustic guitar concept album was professionally filmed in 4K cinematic multi-angle video of the actual studio recordings. Each song is shot/recorded with a different vintage acoustic guitar from Gary’s private rare collection. The instruments featured range from a 1899 Martin 0 Herringbone to Gary’s “main axe” (used over the last 4 decades) a 1941 Martin D28 Herringbone and 7 other significant guitars; All chosen specifically for this particular project entitled “Gary Brewer’s House of Axes”. This is a “getting back to his roots” type feel likened Leo Kottke’s 1969 album “6- and 12-String Guitar”. A very stripped down/pure raw microscopic view of the essence and soul of these vintage instruments; without the blurring accents of other instrumental accompaniments. In our best efforts to capture authentic energy, this album was cut with no overdubs. Each song was captured in the first take. There are 9 songs with the last song being a tribute to Gary’s late Father Finley J. Brewer Jr. “Fin” whom we lost in late 2020. 

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 An Evening Concert with Chris Duarte
Friday, May 31st, 8pm

To classify Chris Duarte simply as a Blues Man is an understatement. In his own words, “rockin’ blues” or ”punk blues” describes him best. “Ferocious blues” also fits. Legend has it that Chris will play so hard that his fingers bleed in a set.  The legend is true. Photos attest.
Chris Duarte is a road warrior playing more than 150 dates a year. As well, Chris has headlined major festivals and clubs throughout the US, Canada and Europe.
Chris is a savant, a sorcerer of tone, a master at channeling the spirits and sounds of great musicians of our past, while remaining completely recognizable in his own sound.
He has shared his stage with many of the greatest musicians of our time as well as the multitude of “young lions” and local musicians he meets on the road. From his many years as a side man in Austin, he easily changes roles from front to side, graciously allowing all to share the conversation of the jam.

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