Band Coaching

James "Jimmy" Gaetano

James Gaetano has been playing guitar for 40 years. After learning and playing locally in his hometown of El Paso Texas, he moved to Hollywood California to attend GIT in 1989. Studying under Keith Wyatt of the Blasters, Scott Henderson of Tribal Tech, Jennifer Batten of Michael Jackson, and so many more, he found his calling of blues, rhythm and blues, soul, funk and roots rock as the music of his soul. To further his musical endeavors in these styles, he moved back to his home state of Texas, namely Dallas, and spent 3 years performing locally and touring with Black Top Recording Artist, The Crawl. Touring the southern states, west coast and part of Europe was a tremendous educator to add to his ever-growing knowledge of the music industry. The next phase of his life brought him to Southern Indiana where he attended Bible School and would go on to play with a Christian based gospel group, performing and ministering for 6 years. During this time, and up to the present, he became a local favorite as a private instructor, music retail owner and promoter of music, arts and performance in his community, sharing his vast knowledge of his lifelong musical journeys. Music theory, sight reading, ear training, various styles, and a love for music is what can be gained from choosing James as your musical instructor. “The beauty of private lessons is to find the students own unique way of learning, start where they are, and take them as far as they can go in their quest for learning the exciting language of music.”


Aaron "Bert" Owens

You may recognize Bert as one of the familiar faces you see around the shop. Aside from being the former “Guitar Custodian & Doer of Things” at the shop, he has been teaching at the store for over two years! Bert took private lessons and went through the Rock School (now Backstage Pass) performance program at Mom's Music as a teenager but is primarily a self-educated guitar and bass player with nearly two decades of experience. He specializes in bass, guitar, and band coaching, and can teach anything from the most basic beginning chords and techniques, to more advanced playing styles such as sweep picking and slap bass. Bert has played in numerous bands over multiple genres over his nearly 20 years as a musician, and has been playing bass and writing in the local groove indie rock trio, Darlington Pairs, for several years with one of our other instructors, Skyler Bready. Bert has a passion for music and creating new musicians and loves to have fun while doing it!


Kirk Whitehouse

Kirk specializes in youth and young adult guitar, vocal, bass and piano lessons.  He works with beginners to intermediates with an emphasis on basic note and fingering techniques.  Kirk was a member of the Kentucky All-State High School Choir for three years and studied under Renee Grant Williams (vocal coach for Linda Ronstadt and The Grateful Dead).  With over 20 years professional performing experience in rock, country, souls, blues, R& B, funk, and pop, Kirk is one well-rounded instructor. Kirk also serves Maxwell’s House of Music as one of our premier band coaches and prides himself on helping young musicians reach their full potential with their instrument in a live setting.