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STAGG Professional Bb Trumpet, Bell and leadpipe in gold brass LV-TR6305
  • $419.99
Stagg Violin w/ Case and Bow (Red)
  • $149.99
STAGG Professional Bb Baritone, 4 Monel pistons (3+1), Gold trim kit LV-BH5411
  • $1,379.00
STAGG Professional Bb/F Tenor Trombone, open wrap, L-bore LV-TB5415
  • $589.99
STAGG F Marching Mellophone, in case WS-MB225
  • $569.99
STAGG F/Bb Double French Horn, in soft case LV-HR4525
  • $1,189.00
STAGG F Horn, 3 rotary valves, in form case WS-HR245
  • $679.99
STAGG Flute w/B-foot joint, open holes, in-line G, french style keys WS-FL261S
  • $359.99

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STAGG Eb Alto Horn w/3 valves, w/ABS case WS-AH235
  • $499.99
STAGG Eb Baritone Saxophone, with flight case LV-BS4105
  • $2,599.00
STAGG Eb alto saxophone, hand-engraved bell, with soft case LV-AS4105
  • $779.99
STAGG Eb Alto Saxophone, in ABS case WS-AS215
  • $679.99
STAGG BBb Tuba, 3 top action valves, w/ABS case on wheels WS-BT235
  • $1,699.00
STAGG Bb Tuba w/4 Rotary valves LV-BT5705
  • $3,099.00
STAGG Bb Valve Trombone, 3 pistons, w/ABS case WS-TB285
  • $619.99
STAGG C Trumpet, w/ABS case WS-TR255
  • $289.99
STAGG Bb-Soprano Saxophone, straight body, in ABS case WS-SS225
  • $589.99
STAGG C Piccolo flute, head joint in nickel silver w/silver plated, ABS body LV-PF4201
  • $389.99