Meet Our Team


Mark Maxwell

Born into the Maxwell family literally meant growing up in the music business in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana! Music is what Mark knows, from playing in bands “Spanky Lee”, and “The Crashers”, to being a regional leader in music advocacy, education, retail sales, audio/visual and lighting installations, plus international music-related mission work in the Caribbean. He is a well-rounded conduit within the music business! Knowing that music can change lives for the better, Mark strives to be the “go to” music resource at Maxwell’s Music!


 Whitney McNicol

A drummer in a band, an avid tennis player, and a financial whiz, Whitney brings incredible and unique skills, personality, and leadership to Maxwell’s Music! She is a proud graduate of the University of Louisville, with a degree in Accounting, and has over 25 years of experience in Accounting & Financial Analysis. Whitney’s business acumen continues to lead Maxwell’s Music to the top! In fact, Maxwell’s Music is amongst the TOP 100 MUSIC STORES in the world!



Mike McAfee

Mike McAfee is the store’s Tone Guru and has spent more than 30 years in the retail music industry. He’s sponsored by Gretsch guitars, has a custom set of GHS strings and has designed instruments for Fender, Dean and Ovation, facilitated guitar endorsements for rock stars and written articles for national music magazines. Mike is bursting with music trivia knowledge that he's always willing to discuss with you. When Mike isn't at the store, you'll find him on stage with the 2-time LEO Magazine Best Band winner Eight Inch Elvis. They're a rockabilly show band who've been contracted to write theme songs for TV shows & festivals. Mike specializes in hollow body guitars, tube amps and does great custom guitar relic work! 



Bobby Naelitz

Bobby currently serves Maxwell's as our Assistant Store Manager and also served as Education Director from 2015 to 2020. Bobby brings over a decade of music retail experience to the Maxwell's team and is a 2007 graduate of Louisville Recordings Arts Band & Artist Program. Bobby has recorded and performed with a variety of local and regional bands and is also an accomplished guitarist and drummer of over twenty years. In his tenure as Education Director, Bobby worked with our teachers, students and their families to provide a strong foundation for learning and achievement, resulting in the growth the music school into a thriving program of over 400 students. As a store manager, Bobby works diligently to make sure that every customer is satisfied. Whether it's helping to offer a diverse selection of gear that keeps our guests excited to providing exceptional customer service, Bobby is always eager to serve our growing clientele and ensure they have an exceptional experience. Over the years, Bobby has been a strong ambassador of Music Education and has taught group music classes, including the popular Uke Days of Summer, served as a band coach, taught through Communities in Schools (CIS) in after-school workshops at various Elementary and Middle Schools across the region, and has taught guitar, drums, and ukulele privately at Maxwell’s. In his free time, Bobby likes to spend time with his wife Brittany and his son R.J., and his two dogs Rocky and Zeus.



Brooks Ritter

Brooks Ritter has been with the Maxwell's Music team since 2018. You can find him on the sales floor most days willing to share his vast knowledge of music with you. He is also our Online Sales manager where he adds our in-store inventory for customers to buy both near and far. 

Brooks debuted his most recent album, Ghost Come To Life, on January 1st, 2021. Ritter is a Louisville, Kentucky native musician, and his music ranges from “soul to roots music, with a little indie-rock.” His previous album, Stereo of Steel, follows the same pattern with 10 original songs. His previous works are Gather Round and The Horse Fell Lame. Ritter has toured and played with various bands during his music career, including Sara Watkins from Nickel Creek, Greg Laswell, Anderson East, Zella Day, Ben Sollee, and others.



Tonya Hennesy

Tonya is the Online Sales Guru at Maxwell’s Music, whose understanding of all-things-technical for online sales is well beyond what most of us can even begin to comprehend. (Thanks for making us feel inferior, Tonya!) From being a roadie, to a band mom, to a band manager for her son’s various bands, the local music scene has been a huge part of Tonya’s life. 

At Maxwell’s, she is beloved for her calm demeanor, silly sense of humor, kind heart, and exceptional baking skills; she is part of the fabric that makes Maxwell’s Music a Top 100 Music Store! In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her grown kids, Sydney and Cooper, which ensures endless laughter!



Toni Carroll

Toni Carroll is a graduate of Indiana State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business and a background in Musical Theatre and Opera. She began vocal training at age nine and immediately started performing in competitions, where she placed as a gold medalist numerous times. 

Toni has spent the vast majority of her life as a performer, recording artist, and singer/songwriter. During her college training, she was selected as one of nine students to join the performance ensemble Sycamore Singers, which traveled and toured across Italy. While working with The Caberet Performance Venue in downtown Indianapolis, Toni had the opportunity to work with many Broadway artists such as Betty Buckley, Megan Hilty, Chester Gregory, and Jane Lynch, in multiple master class performances. In 2016, Toni placed as a finalist in the Indi Songwriter's Competition and is currently composing and recording for her first debut album. She has garnered years of experience working as a vocalist, instrumentalist, teacher, composer, and director.

Toni recently worked as a vocal and piano instructor and show director with the School of Rock franchise for 6 years, Toni now serves as the Music Director of Education for Maxwell's House of Music and is ready to serve each student and family by advancing and modifying the Rock School program. Toni's main goal is to perfect the quality of education for each student in the program and to help them enrich their musicianship while gaining performance experience. 


Ryan Spurlock

As the Operations Manager at Maxwell’s Music, Ryan expertly keeps the wheels on the proverbial Maxwell bus! Ryan’s vast musical experience started at age 13.  He has played in numerous bands over the years, and toured out of Nashville, TN.

Today, he is the drummer for two local bands, the Allen Lane Band, and Looking for Lou. In addition to his musical talents, he served our country as an Army Paratrooper for 8 years with 368 jumps! Ryan is also involved with Maxwell’s Music Academy, retail sales, and installations. In other words, he’s the “Everything Man” that we all depend on immensely!

Steve Robbins

Steve has been with Maxwell’s for over 5 years as a Master Instrument Technician and Luthier. Prior to working in a music store setting, Steve’s day job was as an Electrician who worked in the medical industry as both a Senior Technician who repaired medical equipment, and as a House Technician for major hospital systems. His love of music and instruments kept him involved with both being a musician, and also becoming a highly skilled Instrument Technician and Luthier.

With decades of guitar and instrument repair shop experience, Steve’s skills are a vital asset to the Maxwell’s Music “Repair Land”. As an added bonus, Steve is the store’s very own in-house Santa Claus every Christmas season! Be sure to bring the kiddos to see him at our next Christmas Open House!

Tim Denison

Regardless of what title you use for him –luthier, instrument tech, or guitar repairman– Tim’s skills shine. Proof of that comes daily from highly satisfied Maxwell’s Music customers, but also when Tim proudly replays a conversation with Paul Reed Smith, founder and owner of PRS Guitars. As Smith inspected a guitar built by Tim, he questioned Tim on everything from the Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, to the neck build, to the hand-carved volute. Then came the big moment…the compliment from Paul Reed Smith, “Tim, you have done a great job on this guitar.”  That is something that will stick with you forever!


Nathan Brinager

The pitch black forest was offset by the sky filled with stars. From far away the sound of banjos and mandolins swirled through the night air. A sound pierced the trees; a cry of a baby. The mother coyote's eyes darted to the sound. As she approached, the cries grew louder... more desperate. She came upon the clearing to find a small child wrapped only in a Gibson banjo t-shirt. She quickly scooped- up the youngster and returned to her shelter. The love that grew between them was beyond measure. Stories of the mysterious "wolf-boy" were spread at Yahtzee games and throughout bingo halls throughout all of Toler Creek.

At age 21, the now-grown child ventured too far past the safety of the nest as he discovered Hwy 23. He was mesmerized by the cars, sounds, and potential the long road held. As he scurried down that road, he began to feel more and more at 'home'. He knew his roots instinctively, yet craved his lost future.

Adapting quickly to society, the boy, now named Nathan, embraced the modern world, but never lost the love of that magical sound that soothed him. It is the spirit of bluegrass that runs strong in this one, and it's lovingly shared today at Maxwell's Music by him.