Guitar Emporium


The Guitar Emporium of Louisville has Relocated to Maxwell’s House of Music!

The guitar centered, iconic brand, GUITAR EMPORIUM of Louisville, has moved to Maxwell’s House of Music in Jeffersonville, Indiana creating the biggest MUSIC SUPERSTORE in the region!

The History:
The Guitar Emporium’s original founder, Jimmy Brown, was selling vintage guitars to rock stars even before he launched the Guitar Emporium in 1975. Long before cell phones or the internet, musicians the world over were calling on the, then high schooler, seeking the instrument of their dreams. He sold Guitar Emporium in 2013, but nine years later the business became available to the region's leader in music retail and education, Maxwell’s House of Music.

Not wanting to let the heritage and importance of the brand fade away, Maxwell’s House of Music stepped in and relocated Guitar Emporium into their own 12,500 foot facility.

The Result:
A one-of-a-kind experience and vibe that has won NAMM’S TOP DEALER in the world award for “Best Store Design”! The Guitar Emporium features a collection of vintage, rare, hard-to-find gems, along with new instruments from Rickenbacker, Nash, Martin, and more.

You have to see it to believe it!

Come visit the region’s BIGGEST MUSIC SUPERSTORE!

The Guitar Emporium at Maxwell’s House of Music
1710 E 10th St -- Jeffersonville, IN