Rehearsal Space

Does your band need a place to jam for a few hours or practice for the big night? We have three fully equipped practice rooms for rent here at Maxwell's House of Music. Just bring your sticks, cymbals, and your instruments.
The Stage Room is a full auditorium featuring a brand new Yamaha Powered PA system.  The stage room also features new Chauvet LED lighting.   It's everything you need for a full performance rehearsal. 
The Concert Hall is a full auditorium featuring Fender Bass & Guitar Amps, Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Kit, Yamaha DGX670 Keyboard and Yamaha Mains and Alto Monitors.  Again, everything you need for a full performance rehearsal.
Our upstairs room is a smaller space perfect for jam sessions. This room also features a new Yamaha Powered PA System, new guitar amps, and new drums.  
Each rehearsal room is supplied with:
  • PA System
  • 2 guitar amps
  • 1 bass amp
  • 1 keyboard
  • 1 drum kit with pedals, stands, and throne
Bands are responsible for bringing microphones, instruments & cables, picks, straps, any FX pedals or tuners, cymbals, cymbal felts & wing nuts, hi-hat clutch and drum sticks.  
Please book these rehearsal spaces in advance by calling (812) 283-3304.
Our rehearsal areas are prime spaces that are in high demand. In order to decrease last minute cancellation of space reservations and “no shows”, no refunds or date changes are available after the reservation has been made.  We regret that we can no longer divide payments for rental space.

The Concert Hall Rental-$50/Hour
The Stage Room Rental-$50/Hour
Upstairs Rehearsal Room-$30/Hour

($5 Discount for monthly rentals pre-payed
on the 1st of the month)