Meet Our Teachers

Lora Anderson
Instrument(s): Piano, Voice, Ukulele

Lora Anderson is a private instructor at Maxwell's House of Music. She has only worked there for a short time, but immediately fell in love with the staff and atmosphere! She currently teaches voice, but is capable of teaching piano, ukulele, and clarinet. She studied at University of Louisville and received her Bachelors in Music Education in 2016. Lora hopes to pursue he Master's in Performance /very/ soon. Since her graduation, Lora has been teaching in public schools around the Kentuckiana area. She has a knack and love for teaching that many can identify. Any students of hers knows that they will forever be "her kids". She has a confident personality and instills this in her students. She says, "Everyone can make music, just some people have it easier than most. It's my job to teach you you're capable, as long as you are willing!"


Romana Bereneth
Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice, Woodwinds, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bass, Drums

Romana is a graduate of Cornell University where she double majored in English and Biology. She went on to earn a Ph.D. in Microbiology and her medical degree from UofL. After a brief time working as a resident, she decided to pursue her true passions in life- writing and music. A lifelong creative, Romana started playing guitar at the age of twelve and quickly expanded to woodwinds in high school and college. She has played an array of instruments in ensembles ranging from classical to surf rock to metal. Romana plays guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, horns as well as an array of instruments less common to the Western ear. She is currently the front person of the rock project Bandshee based in Louisville, Ky. Romana has over six years of teaching experience in music, ranging from group lessons to private instruction in guitar, piano, voice, woodwinds, clarinet, saxophone, beginner bass and drums. 

Skyler Bready
Instrument(s): Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin,
Theory, Songwriting

Skyler Bready is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter available for guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, music theory and songwriting lessons at Maxwell's House of Music. His approach emphasizes teaching technique and theory alongside songs that students already know and love. His songwriting lessons focus on demystifying the creation process and encouraging students to build their own personal songbook. Skyler works with beginner to advanced students. When Skyler isn't teaching at Maxwell's, you can likely find him riding his bike, singing lead vocals and playing guitar in his band "Darlington Pairs," or working in his home recording studio.


Britt Buddel
Instrument(s): Voice, Guitar, Piano

Britt is a veteran singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Northern Indiana. Currently studying music at Indiana University Southeast, Britt is very excited to join the Maxwell's family. Britt specializes in vocals, guitar, and beginner piano lessons! Britt's passion for music and songwriting will elevate our students and provide them with knowledge on vocal health and technique. She has numerous years of experience working in vocal groups, choirs, and instrumental bands/projects! She is currently working on her own album of original material and hopes to encourage future songwriters to do the same! 


Randy Carmichael
Instrument(s): Bass

Randy Carmichael is a Southern Indiana native and US Army Veteran who has traveled the country over the past several years, is back home again! Also known as the Maxwell’s House of Music “Jack-of-all-Trades”, Randy manages the education department’s Rock School and Weekend Warriors programs. In addition, Randy is the Operations manager. He’s also a working musician (bass), and you can catch him playing gigs around town. Busy man!

Randy’s presence brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and ability to Maxwell’s House of Music. He studied Music Performance/Education (trombone and bass guitar) at Indiana State University. In addition, he has extensive touring experience throughout the Midwest and Texas with several rock, country, and blues bands.


Dan Cartledge
Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Theory, Songwriting, Band Lab

Dan's lifelong obsession has been music.  He first sang publicly at the age of 4 and has not stopped since.  He began piano at 14 and guitar at 16.  Dan continued his studies in music into college, graduating from Liberty University with a degree in Choral Music in 2011.  Even though his main instrument was voice, he also trained in theory, composition, piano and music history.  While at university, Dan began a band called The Empty Room in 2009 which is still active today, with three albums under their belt.  Dan loves to teach because he believes music is one of the things in life that keeps us alive.  He is currently active in the Louisville music scene, participating in several bands and playing many different venues.  While music occupies most of the space in his brain, Dan also enjoys spending time with his beloved wife and 10 year old son.


Rick Eisman
Instrument: Guitar

Rick Eisman has been playing guitar for over forty years.  He has two decades of teaching experience, sixteen of which have been spent teaching at Maxwell's House of Music. Rick’s love of music and the guitar began at the young age of eleven years old he and played his first professional gig at the age of 14.  He has played with many bands since then, including Dynamo Hum, The Grind, Starvin' Dogs, and Travelin' Mojos.  Rick teaches all ages, from beginners to advanced players. He specializes in teaching a variety of styles including blues, rock, classic rock, and country. His teaching expertise is focused in lead improvisations, finger picking, and various rhythm guitar techniques.


Mickey Hall 

Instrument(s): Drums & Percussion 

Originally from Scottsburg, Mickey has played drums & percussion for over 14 years. He studied music at The University of Louisville where he earned a bachelor's degree in instrumental music. Mickey spent 2 years as Band Director at Charlestown High School, and several years as marching drum line instructor for Scottsburg & Jeffersonville High Schools. His favorite style of music to play is funk/jazz, but he listens to a lot of rock, metal, and EDM. He is currently the assistant drumline instructor for The University of Louisville Cardinal Marching Band, and works at Maxwell's Music Academy as our education manager. 

Sam Hall

Instrument(s): Guitar, Bass, Voice, Drums

Sam Hall is a Louisville native who grew up in the School of Rock program at Maxwell’s House of Music. Sam has been playing guitar and the drums since he was 8 years old. After high school he moved out to Los Angeles with his younger sister to study Vocal Performance and Production at the Musician’s Institute. At MI he was able to meet a lot of amazing musicians and was fortunate enough to play bass for many aspiring artists around the city and beyond. He has recently moved back to Louisville to work on his own music with LUCYTHEDOG and help the next generation of rock stars to find their voice in the same community that inspired him! 


Jacob Head
Instrument(s): Violin, Viola, Cello, Mandolin, Ukulele, Piano, Guitar

Jacob Head is a local multi-instrumentalist, performer, teacher, worship leader, and board-certified music therapist. His abilities in music stem from a young age when he was gifted a set of drums for Christmas. Jacob began learning the violin at the age of 9 and continued to pursue music through the keyboard, guitar, mandolin, and various other stringed instruments. He began leading worship at LifeBridge Christian Church in 2009 while forming the Compass Quartet later that same year. He has taught a variety of instruments at Maxwell’s House of Music since 2016 and has released three albums since 2019. Jacob currently stays busy with over 20 students, a couple of music therapy clients, and a busy home life with wife Kara, son Christopher, and baby brother on the way. 



Jack Hovland
Instrument: Guitar

The most recent addition to the Maxwell’s House of Music family is Jack Hovland. Jack recently relocated to the area from San Diego, California. Jack’s contagious positivity is noticed by all! Jack’s skills are highlighted on the retail sales floor as he does product demonstrations to show-off Maxwell’s House of Music's huge inventory of retail items.

Jack is a guitarist who has played in a hard rock band in California, and is now playing in a local classic rock cover band. He is also an avid runner who trains all year long for marathons – even in his new home’s colder climate! Boston, look out…Jack is on his way!



Lauren Hunter
Instrument(s): Voice, Piano, Band Coaching


Lauren Hunter is an experienced voice and piano teacher, with a degree in Vocal Performance. Lauren has had a passion for music since she was 10 years old and has explored and performed many different genres over the years including Classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary Christian, Rock, Indie, and Pop. She enjoys learning new techniques and finds a true passion in teaching. When Lauren first got the opportunity to teach, she fell in love with encouraging and instilling confidence in musicians young and old. She believes that there is no one too young or too old to find their voice and use it to enrich their own lives and the lives of others. She is beyond excited to help her students achieve their goals in technique, performance, musicality, tone, practice discipline, and finding their voice. 



Andy Jennings
Instrument(s): Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Songwriting

Andy has been playing guitar since March of 2000 when he was 13 years old. Andy has enjoyed learning many different genres of guitar, including classical,rock, blues, and his most favorite-percussive finger style. Over the course of his 21 years as a musician, Andy has had the privilege of teaching guitar for over 15 years and has taught students from many walks of life, from ages 6-88. Andy has worked with students who have had a wide range of abilities and challenges, and he views these challenges as opportunities to connect with students in the areas they are interested in and use those interests to relate to music and playing the guitar. He loves to see students enjoy what they are learning and enjoy the challenge of learning to play the guitar.

Carissa Kasper
Instrument(s): Band Lab 

Carissa is a multi-instrumentalist from Kansas City, MO. She earned a Bachelor's degree in 2023 from University of Missouri - Kansas City where she studied music therapy and psychology. While in the music therapy program, she enhanced her skills on piano, guitar, ukulele and vocals in a wide range of genres including jazz, country, folk, motown and rock. Carissa has over five years of experience teaching private lessons and coaching small groups. In addition to sharing her knowledge of music, she helps students increase their self-motivation, manage their performance anxiety, and practice goal setting. Outside of teaching and being a music therapist, Carissa enjoys connecting with nature by hiking and rock climbing.



Shanna Ledbetter
Instrument(s): Piano, Brass, Woodwind

Shanna Ledbetter retired from teaching in 2014 after teaching for 41 years!  For the last 23 years of her career, she served as the band director at Henryville Jr./Sr. High School.  Shanna earned her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Middle Tennessee State University with a focus on piano.  She has also done graduate work at Tennessee Technical University, Purdue University, and Illinois State University.  Shanna can teach your child to play piano or any band instrument.  She is also capable of preparing your child for the Indiana State School Music Competition Solo and Ensemble Competitions.  Shanna resides in Jeffersonville and has one daughter, three grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.

Jason Leech
Instrument(s): Piano, EDM, Sound Engineering

Jason Leech has been playing piano for 22 years.  Jason graduated from California University of PA with a Bachelors in Music Technology.  Jason has been playing piano music for places around his hometown like restaurants, resorts, and nursing homes.  He has been teaching at Fawley's Music in West Virginia and URock Music Center in Pennsylvania.  He has also been playing keyboards in a funky jam band  called "The Manor & Friends" for the past 3 years. 

Jason also make performance videos where he plays piano and synth to electronic beats he's produced.  These performances combine Jason's love of playing keyboards, making videos, and producing EDM beats. This past year he debuted his live EDM keyboard set in Los Angeles, and continues to work on his solo career. You can see all of his videos on his Facebook page: and his website:   

Jason is excited about his move to Louisville and also to start teaching at Maxwell's House of Music.  Jason loves that piano allows him to perform in classy resorts, rock and roll bands, and EDM-themed internet videos-- and he hopes to show his students that they can do all those things and more.


Justin Miller
Instrument(s): Guitar, Songwriting, Voice, Band Coaching

Justin is a local singer/songwriter, currently performing in the area with his group, Justin Miller and the Elements of Sound. Justin teaches guitar, songwriting, and vocals and specializes in acoustic-style music. Justin is also our Rock101 band coach and helps inspire all students and band members to become avid performers on stage. Justin has performed in numerous music festivals and concerts. 

Kendall Moore
Instrument(s): Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Piano, Voice, Bass, Woodwind

Kendall Moore is a clarinetist by trade but has a knack for playing all sorts of wind instruments. He has a music education degree from Auburn University in vocal and instrumental music. He has over 15 years of experience performing on stage whether that be singing, playing in concert band and in marching band. He is currently residing in Jeffersonville and teaches at Thomas Jefferson Elementary school. While he is not working with little ones, he enjoys playing a variety of horns and dabbles in guitar. His focus is on all band instruments as well as beginning piano and theory. He continues to stay active in the band and choir world, participating in small ensembles in the area, as well as writing and composing his own arrangements. His main teaching goals are focused heavily on tone and self-evaluation. He believes that anyone who is interested in playing an instrument is capable of anything!  

Tim Pitts
Instrument(s): Guitar / Advanced Theory

Tim Pitts has over 35 years teaching experience. He teaches all aspects of music theory including reading, improvisation, composition, style, complex rhythms, melodic concepts and technique. He has authored two instructional books: Learning Guitar Book 1 and All About Chords. Styles covered include rock, blues, metal, shred, jazz fusion, neoclassical, acoustic, and altered tunings. His teaching strengths include enabling students to open up to improvising leads, understand what scales to use, read timing, and utilize advanced creative melodic concepts. Supplemental instructional CDs and tab booklets from Tim’s Master Classes are also available on a number of subjects. A strong effort is made to gear lesson material towards the student’s goals and interests. Helping students maintain interest and providing them with inspiration is job number one. Tim’s music education includes five years of private lessons with instructor Mark Smith, one year with Jeff Sherman, three years with Alan Phelps, and one year with GIT graduate Pat Lentz.  He is best known locally for performances with his bands SandPit and The Gary Sanders Band. Tim has written and recorded six internationally acclaimed CDs and is always working on a new one. His sense of humor and vast knowledge ensure a fun lesson every time.

Ronnie Scharrer
Instrument(s): Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar

At a very young age, Ronnie Scharrer knew he had music in his veins. While others his age were drawn to rock and roll, Ronnie developed a taste for classical and popular music that has stayed with him for a lifetime.  Born and raised in Indiana, Ronnie is an established musician, songwriter, and composer and artist.  His musical abilities span multiple instruments and genres.  Ronnie has been performing professionally for nearly forty years and has used his talents to inspire others by teaching music for the past fifteen years! In 2019, Ronnie released his latest studio album, “The Eight Seasons of Life,” a sprawling epic of instrumental guitar prowess. Ronnie teaches beginner to advanced students of all ages and skill levels.

Kirk Whitehouse
Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice

Kirk specializes in youth and young adult guitar, vocal, bass and piano lessons.  He works with beginners to intermediates with an emphasis on basic note and fingering techniques.  Kirk was a member of the Kentucky All-State High School Choir for three years and studied under Renee Grant Williams (vocal coach for Linda Ronstadt and The Grateful Dead).  With over 20 years professional performing experience in rock, country, souls, blues, R& B, funk, and pop, Kirk is one well-rounded instructor. Kirk also serves Maxwell’s House of Music as one of our premier band coaches and prides himself on helping young musicians reach their full potential with their instrument in a live setting.

Jordan Williamson
Instrument(s): Drums

Jordan Williamson started playing drums at the age of 10 and took off since then. He has performed in numerous bands and continuously records and tracks for artists locally and regionally. Jordan has established a popular online presence on YouTube and Facebook playing various styles of music. Jordan has studied at The Berklee College Of Music for their percussion weekend and Jamie Aebersold’s Jazz camp at UofL for 2 years in a row and also went to Memphis to study Music Business. Jordan has been playing for his church for 8 years alongside amazing musicians in the church band. Jordan can teach anything from rock, blues, funk, jazz, country and many more styles! He hope’s to encourage and inspire his students to be eager to practice and get the most out of drumming!

Cory Zilisch

Director of Electric Orchestra; Teaches all stringed orchestra instruments, drums, guitar

Cory brings a very unique experience and skill set to Maxwell’s Music as the director of the ELECTRIC ORCHESTRA!

Watch Here! 

In addition, Cory also teaches all stringed orchestra instruments at Maxwell’s Music. With over a decade of teaching, and band directing experience in public schools, Cory’s strengths are demonstrated by his impressive list of awards and invitations:
Electric Orchestra performance invitation at National Orchestra Festival (2x)
Yamaha 40 Under 40 Award
Grammy Music Educator of the Year Quarterfinalist
Middle School Teacher of the Year (2x)
KMEA State Convention performance invitations (Orchestra & Jazz)
National Orchestra Festival performance invitations (2x)